Special Events

European Languages Day 2019

This was the third year we have celebrated European Languages Day. It started off with a Continental Breakfast, which was enjoyed by one hundred and fifty-five people. Thank you to all the staff who helped and all those families who attended.

The children spent the day enjoying activities about their chosen language and experienced language teaching and food tasting, which I am sure they will enjoy sharing with you at home. Many thanks to the parents who came into work with classes to support and enhance their learning.

Young Shakespeare Company 2019

On Monday 1st October years 4,5 and 6 were lucky enough to see the amazing Young Shakespeare Company perform an interpretation of the world-renowned Romeo and Juliet. Outstanding actors brought the tragic play to life; intrigued children were drawn to the drama. They encouraged the children to participate, playing roles such as: the raging Capulets versus the furious Montagues, Paris – who loved Juliet, along with the bubbling party guests and many more characters! (Report written by some Year 6 children)

Royal Wedding Celebrations 2018

We had a fabulous time celebrating the Royal Wedding last Friday. The children looked great in their red, white and blue outfits and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch in the playground and to give three cheers for the happy couple.

A huge thank you must go to Miss Claire and her team for preparing a ‘royal feast’ that included cookies in the shape of a crown!

Four Nations Tag Rugby 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic day for our Four Nations Tag Rugby Tournament. It started with a very well attended and hearty breakfast with tasty treats from each of the four nations for the children.

Many of the children came to school with homemade flags and shirts to support their nation of the day and the playground was decorated with flags, photographs of previous tournaments and the trophy, creating a great atmosphere.

The tournament started with great support and cheering from all the infant children as Year 3 enjoyed their first opportunity to take part in the competition. All the competitors worked together to get involved in some hard fought matches that were superbly refereed by Year 6 throughout the day. Year 5 stepping in for the Year 6 matches.

Twenty Four matches were played each lasting 8 minutes and the overall winners were decided after a nail biting finish to the Year 6 England v Ireland match (England 4 – Ireland 3).

Scotland were declared the overall winners.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day with a friendly but competitive atmosphere.