Executive Headteacher

Mrs T Lawlor

Head of School

Mrs I Chappell (Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Mrs A Katsikaris and Mrs K Howick-Smith
Mrs B Cook
Mrs L James (Deputy DSL)
Miss R Eggitt
Mrs G Khanna
Mr R Preston
Mrs A Flaherty and Mrs A Kelly (Deputy DSL)
Mrs B Roberts (Deputy DSL)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Dunne (HLTA)
Miss S Maton (ELKLAN and SENDCo support)
Miss C Perry
Mrs K Price (HLTA)
Mrs L Sanders
Mrs K Maslowska
Mrs L Howard-Lanes
Mrs S Canitrot
Miss R Pretty
Mrs C Walshe

School Business Manager

Mrs L Adams

School Office Assistants

Mrs K Hicks
Mrs Howard-Lanes

Midday Supervisors

Miss S Maton (Senior Midday Supervisor)
Mrs T Holmes
Miss C Perry
Miss C McKillop
Mrs K Stone
Mrs S Pryce
Miss R Pretty

Site Manager

Mr I Buckland

Catering Supervisor

Mrs L Bickerstaff

Catering Assistants

Mrs G Darbakova
Ms Z Nasim

Breakfast Club

Miss S Maton (Breakfast Club Manager)
Mrs B Dunne
Ms C Perry
Mrs L Sanders

All our teachers and non-teaching staff participate in In-service training in order to keep abreast of current developments in Education, Health & Safety and Child Protection.