Year 6

Year 6 is an extremely exciting and important year for every child. Our main focus is to equip them with all of the tools they need for the next step in their journey: secondary school. We aim for each of our children to become more independent and resilient in their final year of school and to be able to tackle the many challenges that Year 6 brings: Whole school responsibilities, SATs, Our Year 6 Residential, our Year 6 Production to name but a few. We encourage children to work collaboratively with their peers and to ask for help when needed, but to also grown in confidence in their own ability and to draw on their own skills and knowledge.

Year 6 is always a busy, fun, hardworking and lively classroom, with the emphasis on everyone taking part and feeling equal. Succeeding in Year 6, means that everyone must always try their best and have a positive attitude to learning. Together we aim to live out our school mission statement “Growing together in love and learning”. Woven throughout our curriculum there are many opportunities for our children to develop the St Clement’s Learning Values 

 * Be kind  *Be ready * Try our best  * Be truthful * Be respectful *

We believe these values are essential skills which will enable our children to thrive in the future and most of all we ensure greater happiness. The Year 6 team can’t wait to meet you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

It’s a really great year!

Class Curriculum Information

Y6 Curriculum map: Summer term 2023-2024

Y6 Knowledge Organiser: Circuits batteries and switches (Science)

Y6 Knowledge Organiser: Circulation and health (Science)

Y6 Knowledge Organiser: Where does our energy come from? (Geography)

Y6 Knowledge Organiser: How did the Maya civilisation compare to the Anglo Saxons? (History)

End of Year Age Related Expectations

Suggested reading

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