Year 4

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 4. The children will enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on embedding learning from last year as well as mastering the Year 4 curriculum.

Year 4 will further develop independent thinking, learning and decision making. The children are familiar with the routines and expectations of the school and so Year 4 is about deepening their understanding of the curriculum, themselves and their emotions. We want all children in Year 4 to feel empowered and to know that the possibilities in life are infinite. We encourage a growth mindset attitude to learning with children working towards becoming independent learners as they gain more responsibility through self-marking, home learning and leadership roles within the class.

Class Curriculum Information

Y4 Curriculum map: Autumn Year 4 2023-24

Y4 Knowledge organiser: Electricity (Science)

Y4 Knowledge organiser: Digestion and food (Science)

Y4 Knowledge organiser: What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?

Y4 Knowledge organiser: Why are rainforests important to us?

End of Year Age Related Expectations