Special Educational Needs and Disability

We are an inclusive school and aim to support all children regardless of any specific education need or disability. Any child can experience difficulty with a specific area of learning at some time in his/her school life and may need additional support so we identify, assess and provide for any needs which may arise. Support may come from school staff as well as the support of experts from external agencies and we aim to ensure that all children achieve their best.

Examples of some needs or disabilities that affect children’s ability to learn include:

  • behavioural/social (eg difficulty making friends)
  • reading and writing (eg dyslexia)
  • understanding things
  • concentrating (eg Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • physical needs or impairments

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO), Mrs Roberts, will identify any additional support needed for children across the school, enabling appropriate support to be put in place when necessary. Parents and carers, the SENDCO and class teacher will meet regularly to discuss this.

When a child is on the special needs register a support plan is drawn up by the class teacher to help the parent and the school identify the child’s needs and to target areas of particular difficulty. It should show the steps that are to be taken to support the child’s learning and set a date for reviewing progress.

Children with a higher level of need may require a statement of special educational needs.

Schools are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for children and young people with special educational needs aged 0-25. This is known as the school offer.

At St Clement’s Catholic Primary School, we are proud of the level of success we have had in helping children with a wide range of difficulties to achieve their personal targets and make good progress.

Below are a range of documents which outline more information related to children with special educational needs and disabilities.

SEN Policy and Information Report (September 2023)

If you require any further information about the support that we provide for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities please contact our SENDCO Mrs B Roberts on senco@stclements.surrey.sch.uk or call the school office to arrange a meeting.

Additional information, advice and documentation relating to supporting children with SEND.

Special educational needs and disabilites guide for parents and carers

Surrey Local Offer

Surrey literacy difficulties policy and practice guidance (Surrey Local Offer)


Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND): Overview – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Special educational needs and disability (SEND) and high needs – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

SEND Advice Surrey

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