Real PE is a unique, child-centred approach. It transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge EVERY child in primary school. It focuses on the fundamental movement skills of a child’s physical development, agility and balance.

Real PE develops the whole child, each term there is a multi-ability focus:

Jasmine’s Journey

Creating positive relationships with physical activity for life
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  • At St Clement’s Catholic Primary School, we aim to create positive relationships with physical activity for life.
  • We focus on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique approach to teaching and learning in PE.
  • We aim to teach PE in order to include, challenge and support EVERY child.
  • We aim to develop the key abilities (personal, social, physical, creative, cognitive and health and fitness) children need to be successful within PE and Sport and across the curriculum.


  • Pupils have at least 2 hours of core PE lessons each week in all Key Stages.
  • We follow the Real PE scheme from EYFS to Year 6 which includes Real PE and Real Gym for 1 hour a week and 1 hour of PE with NEAT who cover team games and fitness.
  • Teachers use the progression of skills to ensure PE lessons are taught through the multi ability cogs.
  • Teachers use the fundamental movement skills (FUNS) progression to ensure all children develop at their own pace and recognise their own successes.
  • Teachers use the ‘Learning nutrition’ document to ensure they cover the 7 areas of a lesson.
  • Teachers reinforce the expectation that ALL children can adopt a positive attitude to physical activity.


  • All pupils are included within lessons with high activity levels.
  • Teaching is well judged and often imaginative producing high levels of engagement from all pupils.
  • Pupils are working at different and appropriate levels, with interventions personalised to challenge and support all groups.
  • Effective and timely review of learning by teachers and pupils is an integral part of all lessons.
  • Consistent praise of positive behaviours means pupils have highly positive experiences in the subject and consequently want and expect to do well.
  • Less able pupils are supported effectively and the more able appropriately challenged so all groups make clear and evidenced progress.
  • Pupils have at least 2 hours of core PE lessons each week in all Key Stages with the role of PE and Sport seen as central to creating healthy and active learners.

Curriculum Map Year 1

Curriculum Map Year 2

Curriculum Map Year 3

Curriculum Map Year 4

Curriculum Map Year 5 and Year 6

FUNS Fundamental Movement Skills Progression of Skills

Real PE progression of skills

Curriculum Map Foundation Stage