Other Events

Four Nations Tag Rugby 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic day for our Four Nations Tag Rugby Tournament. It started with a very well attended and hearty breakfast with tasty treats from each of the four nations for the children.

Many of the children came to school with homemade flags and shirts to support their nation of the day and the playground was decorated with flags, photographs of previous tournaments and the trophy, creating a great atmosphere.

The tournament started with great support and cheering from all the infant children as Year 3 enjoyed their first opportunity to take part in the competition. All the competitors worked together to get involved in some hard fought matches that were superbly refereed by Year 6 throughout the day. Year 5 stepping in for the Year 6 matches.

Twenty Four matches were played each lasting 8 minutes and the overall winners were decided after a nail biting finish to the Year 6 England v Ireland match (England 4 – Ireland 3).

Scotland were declared the overall winners.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day with a friendly but competitive atmosphere.

Four Nations Tag Rugby 2017

Arts Week 2016/2017

The focus for Arts Week, was to promote The Arts and encourage the children to link their learning skills with the wider arts curriculum, as well as further promoting their interests in The Arts.
We had a range of visitors, exciting events and activities planned for all year groups.

David Mason, a specialist teacher and creative consultant worked with all classes on storytelling or performance poetry and with Year 2 and 3 specifically on developing creative writing.

Mrs Peers a specialist music and singing teacher, worked with all classes focusing on singing.

Mrs Kelly, one of our Year 6 teachers who has particular strengths in the teaching of art, worked across the school producing many pieces of work celebrating the Chinese New Year.
The Young Shakespeare Company presented Hamlet, a highly interactive performance that brought the play fully to life for Years 4, 5 and 6.


Keeping Healthy and Safe Week 2016/2017


Science Week 2016/2017

Boffin Tanya presented a FANTASTIC science assembly for the whole school. She impressed us with her knowledge of scientific facts and vocabulary and wowed us with some incredible experiments. She was equally impressed with our enthusiasm and understanding of the science she presented. We learnt a lot!

Ballot Box 2016

This week the children have been given the chance to vote on how they would like to change the back playground. The ballot paper asked for a ‘Yes’ of ‘No’ answer to lots of different questions e.g. Do we have enough space for running around/sitting and doing quiet things? Do we need more/less grass? The sail should stay/go. Do we need another trim trail? Our School Council have been involved in the preparation of the ballot questions and we will let you know the results in due course!